Can i eat salad?

I have been craving for raw vegetables such as coleslaw, cherry tomatoes and vegetables used for salads. Since it’s raw, can i still eat it?

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Just avoid raw meat and fish. Raw vegetables ok, cos they don’t have those parasitic organisms like in raw meat and fish. I also ate a lot of raw vegetables in my first trimester. Kept wanting to eat subway tuna sandwich. Lol!

3y ago

Yes, tuna is not raw, I think. Anyways, I ate a lot of times already and all is fine.

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can, my gynae said it's source of vitamins, but wash urself, make sure it's clean. buy outside u never know how they wash

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I ate it especially everyday during my last trimester haha. Super crave


yes, in moderation and make sure they are washed thoroughly

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I ate it😅 but probably only once or twice a month

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I ate salad. But keep in mind of the sauce.

can but eat in moderation

I think it's okay :)

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I avoid it.