can eat sushi during week 13

I'm now week 13. Craving for sushi. I know can't eat raw. Actually I'm not a fan or raw sushi person. How about those from photo consider raw? Some like got cucumber, egg ,seaweed etc..

can eat sushi during week 13
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I do eat sushi but of cooked ingredients. I will skip fish roe though. And at times I do take cucumbers/lettuces/tomatoes that are found in sandwiches of trusted brands/ stores. Just take it in moderation. :)

I've been eating sushi, some with roe. I just don't take any raw fish / shellfish varieties. Get from reputable sources or shops.

I still eat them. Love california rolls! In moderation and from established places that you trust.

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Cooked one is ok. But best to avoid cos may have cross contamination

To be safe, you might want sushi within the roe

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honestly i did though less than usual

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i still eat them but not so much

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I still eat but in moderation

i ate those without fish roes

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I avoid cos of the roe