Will pregnancy symptoms decrease from week 10 onwards?

I’m 10 weeks in right now feel a decrease in the symptoms I.e. no longer as tired/dizzy etc. I’ve never had MS from the start as well. Is this normal?

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It’s normal, but every mummy is different, each pregnancy for the same mummy is different too. For some, symptoms may come back in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Look after yourself well and enjoy the periods of time that you have little or no symptoms:)

Yes, I’m in week 22 now. I didn’t have MS throughout my pregnancy, but from week 10-12 I started getting more headaches and dizzy spells. Around week 16 onwards felt better

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Every pregnancy is different. First trimester tends to come with the tiredness that you mentioned. Such symptoms tend to let up during second trimester.

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It's common for pregnancy symptoms to fade owards the end of the first trimester, but for many women they may fade  earlier, or come and go.

Hey, Yes the pregnancy symptoms start decreasing gradually during the end of first trimester. But it also depends from person to person's body

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Yes. Will get better.

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