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Hi everyone, I am in my week 10 of my pregnancy and have no symptoms. I’m a little worried for my little one, as my next check is in 6 weeks time. I’ve heard that if there is some pregnancy symptoms, the baby is fine. Just a worried mum to be.

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Hi, not everyone will have severe symptoms. Think you are one of the lucky ones. Try not to worry too much. Same case for me here. I tried to arrange closer scans like once every 2 or 3 weeks to get assurance. 😊

Normal not to have symptoms throughout the entire first trimester. I just had hunger pangs instead of morning sickness. Fast forward and I’m 37 weeks tomorrow ☺️

I didn’t feel anything when I was that pregnant. But I started having pelvic pain and later very bad water retention. So, count your blessings

some mummys do not have much symptoma. count yourself the lucky one. I don't have any symptoms throughout my previous pregnancy.

Can see gynae earlier if you are worried