Loss of pregnancy symptoms at week 10

I had sore boobs, fatigue, mild nausea from week 5 onwards. And now that I’m in week 10, the symptoms have disappeared. I had a mc before so I am very worried now. Is it normal?

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Don't worry dr, be happy nothing happens some one has no symptoms of pregnancy, someone have but feels better after some time so be positive and u definitely get a healthy baby. If u had any doubt please consult a gynaecologist please don't overthink.

Will you be having any doctor checkup soon? It could be the symptoms subside awhile and back again 😅 that happened on and off for me. Stay positive most importantly:)

Don’t over worry and stress yourself. Positive and happy mana = healthy baby! When in doubt always consult your gynae. Take good care and God bless you and baby!

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Same, May I know how did your pregnancy go? I’m at week 7 and there’s sudden loss of nausea. I had a mc before too

Exactly same situation. I’m worried too 😓 did everything turn out ok?

I’m experiencing the same thing too! 😟

3y ago

Same here. Feeling more normal except that I still have some breast soreness.