If money is not an issue, would you enroll your baby/kid in a playschool? Why or why not?

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I'm considering sending my son to play school. That's not going to happen until about one more year but as a mom, I always want to make sure that he is ready for everything, including the big school. It's not just an assurance to myself as a paranoid mom. It's more of him knowing what he can expect when he starts going to school. The kind of interaction that he will experience with other kids will improve his social skills, motor skills, confidence and he may start to have a sense of responsibility. I heard friends say that sending him to school too soon will make him feel bad about going to school later on. I beg to disagree since playschools work differently.

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My 2nd child is 2 and a half this June and we are enrolling him in a toddlers class, which is basically a playschool setting. Many of my friends tell me he's still too young to be in school. Me and my husband think otherwise. We believe it's good for him since he will be able to: *Socialize *Understand the concept of sharing and other values *Learn through play *Determine whether he is ready for a big school or not *Develop independence and confidence *Exercise motor skills

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Hi Jonalyn, I enroll my children in a playschool first before they enter traditional big schools. Why? - to introduce socialization. - to help them feel comfortable towards school - to help them build confidence. - to have fun - to develop their motor skills Although some parents prefer to send their children to the big school already, for me no pressure at this age.

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highly recommended. i just enrolled my toddler in a playhouse/music school. and i absolutely love it. he gets to interact with other kids and teachers not just us parents. he is learning a lot in just 1 session. it will definitely benefit him for the coming years..learning music is amazing.

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I will. Apart from bringing them to play houses and playing with them at home, I am positive that play school will help in the development and social skills of my child at an early age. I also want my child to develop his self-confidence in participating in the activities given at school.

Most definitely. The only thing that can be a challenge is the tuition itself because nowadays, reputable playschools can even reach up to P80,000-P150,000 a year. That can be a lot for average-earning parents.

yes definitely. learning social and motor skills are important. learning to interact and socialise with others are also important. i believe it has more pros than cons.

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Hi mommy! I did. It helped my daughter develop her social and verbal skills. My once shy daughter is now sociable and very talkative

Definitely, I will. It will help a lot in developing the child's social skills. Great start before enrolling the child to preschool.

Yes. Social skills is very important for young children. I want my child to be ready even before he enters the regular school.