Work or stay at home

Would you rather - work from home with kids and be paid $x Or -stay home and also paid $x same amount as salary

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Eh, do you mean your husband will pay you $x to stay home? I think it depends on what industry you are in, how easy it is to return to it, and how much your quality of life is affected moving to single income. For me I won't mind staying at home until the kids start schooling; I can nurture the kids and also provide healthy food for my family. I may also take the time to do side projects or a small home business that fits with my housewife schedule.

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Wfh with kids..reason it’s hard for only one partner working and supporting the whole family in this kind of situation and it will only gets harder. Secondly, if choose to be a stay home mum, and one day for whatever reason, you need to head out to work it will be hard for you to find a job (hr and employer will think twice of hiring you).

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