I watched a lot of birthing videos when I was due the first time around -- it helped me prepare. My sister in law refuses to do that, she says it freaks her out. What do you think? Did watching birthing videos help you?

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Nope, it freaked out. It going to be painful enough and I didn't want to know how stretch my *down there* would be with my baby coming out. Plus, I hated the sight of blood so I didn't want to stress myself further.

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I watched natural birth too to understand how is the birth process. However, I refuse to watch c-section process as I do not want to know how scary it is. So I think it is quite normal for some people to avoid watching natural birth video. For me, I prepare my own mentality in case there is a need for c-section, i.e. the most important is to have a healthy baby no matter he/she comes out through natural/c-section birth. You can encourage your sil to have a strong determination too. Hynobirthing class plus engage a double will be helpful in her childbirth as they will guide you how to manage pain and conquer your fears before and during birth.

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I watched birthing videos, but I don't think it helped me in any way. Watching somebody give birth and actually doing it yourself is a world of difference. That person might have a high pain tolerance which when filmed, will make childbirth look like a piece of cake. I feel that every birth is different, even for the same woman. It's better to find your own methods of relieving pain (breathing techniques, meditation, labour in water etc).

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She shouldn’t watch them if she doesn’t want to. The best advice that you can give her is to push, like she is having a bowel movement and that her body knows what it is supposed to do. You would be surprised to know how many nurses and doctors don’t tell the mother to push like they are having a bowel movement. If they did it could prevent so many unnecessary medical interventions.

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syukur sgt2,sy dpermudhkn bsalin..bby ahmed zainudin,bby boy sebrat 3.16kg.. hrini dh msok hri yg ke9 berpntg... smoga sy n bby sht sepnjg didlm pntg ini

alhamdullah sy dh selmat bersalin..18/11/2020..bby nk kluar awai 2 mggu dri trikh due..30/11/2020 ni bru jgka bby

2w ago

Alhamdulillah...bersalin normal ke sis?

not dare to watch

Lil' bit.

too scared to watch!

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