Dear Mummies, what to do if LO refuses fbm? She direct latch since she was born. At first i thought maybe it was cause of the bottle, but now she knows to drink water from a straw bottle. So try to let her drink fbm from the straw bottle. But she refuses. This was when i was not around for a few hours. My MIL helped to feed her. I tasted the fbm, and the fishy taste is horribly strong. Perhaps that is why she refuse to drink. I am worried because i am going back to work and hopes she can drink the fbm. Any similar experiences? What did you do? Thank you in advanced!

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hey mommy, i am assuming ur fbm meant frozen breast milk ah? maybe this link could help you. an enzyme called lipase in the expressed bm is the culprit for fishy soapy metallic tasting bm. in the end, i stopped freezing bm because my girl rejected it and i personal almost threw up myself when i thawed the fbm. so i read up abt it. u can apparently 'scald' your ebm before storing or freezing away. read more abt the process in the same link. All the best!

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6y ago

hi, yes i read about scalding it. but usually when i pump, the output is not alot. have you tried scalding yours? did it work in the end?

my boy also have the same problem with your girl,I do smell before its very fishy if it's fbm I would suggest everyday freshly pump milk to her as my boy prefer non fbm...hope this little info might help you😊

6y ago

When i pump, usually the output is really little. it cannot last her for the whole day feed till i am back from work. :(

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It's the lipase taste that is the reason they are rejecting it. Yes you can try scalding it. But it's a lot of work. So i would just offer some FM while i'm away. How old is your child now?

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6y ago

probably you have to work hard on chilled bm instead since you LO is unable to accept FBM even you tried to scald it

Just to share with you my experience. My baby has been bf. He refused any bottles with ebm. What helped me was to feed him with a spoon. Try and see if it works for you.

6y ago

Did your fbm have a fishy taste?

I don't know, I never tasted it. But it always smells funky to me.

Are you refering to frozen breast milk?