so... i was planning to do movie marathon with my sister,her 2kids and my partner on 9may.that is if i havent given birth yet. planning to watch avengers endgame and pokemon detective pikachu . i will be 39weeks 3days pregnant at that time. was wondering if its fine. would it harm the baby? i dont mind if i go into labour early?. these leg cramps are killing me..well,thats not the point here. will it harm the baby due to loud noise? after baby is born i dont think i would even have the time to go out without the baby.and well,i wont want to bring my baby to the cinema and get judge???.. any thoughts on this?

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No problem. Better go now, nnt baby keluar lg susah nk tgk wayang hehehe

3y ago

hahaha.. kan....🤣🤣🤣