I was 25 days past ovulation and my tracker said that I am 11 days late due to my expected mens, supposedly on July 4.During those time I was feeling that my mens is coming up coz I feel some PMS, and notice like 7 days before July 4 a light bleeding comes a spot browny that last like 2 days so I really felt like my period is really coming soon but up to now it didn't. This past few days I was feeling upset, I experience different kind of emotions, I was sensitive and very emotional I don't know why, and I also notice that my boobs got bigger,and also feel headaches more frequent.I don't know if all this are symptoms of early pregnancy or what coz were trying to conceived but unfortunately we can't.I just remember we make love on my fertile week and on the day of ovulation too.I can't decide if I would take a P.T because I don't want to diassapoint since I'm experiencing irregular menstration.But this time I can't help it I don't know.Please encourage me.Thank u

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Hi.. just dont feel so stress.. baka makaapekto if pregnant ka nga nga talaga. Pray and think positive. Just live a normal and healthy life everyday. Keep yourself busy on things na makakapaglibang sayo.. (ung safe lang ha) after a month na di ka na talaga dinadatnan, take a PT. Just keep in mind na God has a plan in his perfect time.

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Those are indeed similar to early preganncy symptoms. Unfortunately, only a Pt and checkup can answer your question.