3 letters we keep missing. PPD.

This is my son Miquel, I had him at a time I lost my mom — a miracle I would say considering I’ve been battling with PCOS my whole life. My pregnancy was perfect, it was probably what every Mom would dream of — no complications, super healthy baby, no morning sickness. I enjoyed being pregnant. The moment I gave birth, emotions started crashing from different directions. I had nothing to compare it with so I kept going thinking that maybe this is just what being a mother really felt like. I knew I was supposed to be happy but why did I feel a pinch in my heart. I was so confused. I felt like everything around me was dark, I did not want anyone to touch my baby, I felt that no one was ever good enough so I exhausted myself doing every single thing for him. On top of this, I was working full time, my anxiety level was so high, I was so irritable, I wasn’t getting enough sleep — I was TIRED! But we all want to be the “perfect happy mother” our baby deserves so on my down time, I drowned myself with parenting books which added even more things to do, more anxiety, more pressure! I don’t know how I held it all together but I did and all of these kept going until after my son turned 1. I found out I was pregnant again. I was anticipating the same feeling to come but when I gave birth it never did. I felt the opposite — colors started to come back, everything was bright. This is when I found out I went through something else. No one prepared me for this. All I know about it were stories of extreme cases so I kept pushing it aside because that can’t be me. I was scared to admit it, I was shy I might be labeled and judged. Those three letters we keep missing, PPD (Post Partum Depression) I’m sharing this because we should talk about PPD with more love. That its not your fault and it will never make you less of a mother if you have it. That it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay if you don’t have it all together, it’s okay if you’re not the “perfect happy mother” who is that anyway? You are more than what you feel and you you are more than what you are going through. Mommy, the community is here for you! Reach out to a fellow Mom and keep passing on the love and care! 🤍 #mother #motherandbaby #PPD #PPDAwareness #community #support #loved #worthy #enough #pusotiprobinsya

3 letters we keep missing. PPD.
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Hugs and prayers to mommy . keep your faith lang po . mgging ok kdin po ☺️

Virtual hugs Mamsh! ❤❤ Kaya mo yan! 🙆‍♀ God bless you! 😇🤗

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🥰🥰🥰 Virtual hug 🤗 mamshie! ❤️ GOD Bless u more and more

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So proud of you Mama! 🤍 sending Big Bear Hug 🤗

2y ago

Love you too, Ate Mika 🥰🤗🤍🤍

Hugs mommy 🤗 Wishing you better days ahead ❤️

Pray lang momsh magiging ok ka din

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Sending hugs mommy 🤗 🤗 🤗