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Hi mga momsh, I will just hide my identity here. In 3weeks and few days time from now, I am going to give birth to my baby girl. I don't know why I don't feel the excitement anymore. It's more on anxiety and fear. But, of course I love my baby more than anyone and anything. I just can't share this to my husband. He is also dealing with his own issues. I understand his situations. I just don't know how to share this with him. I got my latest checked up last Oct. 17, and I was 1cm dilated. Haha I just don't know what and how to feel.

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Normal lang. But it's better if you will share your woes to your husband or other family members so you'll have a strong support system. Mas nakakagaan ng pakiramdam yung alam mo na madaming nandyan para sayo. Also, do the things that you love to relieve the anxiety. Watch your favorite movies, listen to your favorite songs, etc. It will bring endorphins kaya you'll feel a lot better. Anxiety, fear, kaba is all normal. It's all part of the process. Once you'll see your baby, for sure it will be all worth it. Have a safe delivery! :)

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Thank you for taking some time to comment. I appreciate it. God bless you.

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that's normal.. your hormones and fear are taking over you right now. once your baby arrives, hopefully things will change..

4y ago

Thank you ma'am, I appreciate it. God bless you.