I was 17 weeks pregnant when I lost my baby. He didn't die inside my womb. I just had an early labor but he will not survive outside with his age. They want us to bury the baby but we don't have money to do it. I had 60k hospital bill and my partner and I's bank account are wiped out from it. I don't know what else to do. I don't want to just bury him somewhere else. I just thought, Is it a good idea to just put him in a pot and plant a seed with him. In that way, I could still take care of him.

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We also don't know why. I had a UTI but my doctor said that it has nothing to do with that. She said, there are many possibilities like I'm still working while I'm pregnant or my sugar went up. I've never missed any of my appointments and they never told me to track my sugar. I took a week rest because of my UTI and went back to work, a day after that, I saw blood mixed in with my white mens, I didn't know I was already laboring. When my doctor IE-ed me, she told me she had to admit me because the baby was ready to be born. He was just 4 months old. He was still alive when I gave birth to him. My doctor said there is a possibility that we can know what might have caused it but it will take 2 months. I'm blaming myself for putting him in that kind of situation because my partner already told me to stop working but I didn't listen only because I was still supporting my own family.

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Have you tried checking with an Immunologist? You might have an RID or APAS. I was diagnosed with APAS because of poor OB score

im so sorry to hear that, have you tried going to your local cemetery managed publicly by your local govt. you could ask them for help, if you feel worried burying him there you know what you could bury him in a big pot one that can cover his entirety although if i may tell you you have to be very carefull of him in there. during decomposition there might be seepage of the soil and all that needs sanitation and hygiene cautions. during those periods especially if you have to water the plant you may put his pot outside so the seepage will go properly into the yard or water pipe. im praying for you and your partner's peace. God loves the three of you. ☺

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To be very honest, my heart feels so heavy deciding where to bury him. My partner talked to our local barangay and seek for help but we're not voters so we still have to pay at least 5 thousand pesos and we don't really know where to get that. I will take your advice Null, I take will take precautionary measures in taking care of the plant but he's in a bottle full of formaline. Should I bury him like that? My friend said that the formaline is very dangerous.

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first of all, im sorry for what happened to your baby. and if you want to yes you could. give him your own burial and atleast, if youre a catholic, try and have him blessed. but i suggest not to put hin in pot. you could bury him in your backyard for him to decompose naturally. :)

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Thank you for responding but the thing is, we don't have backyard. We live in a 3 storey apartment with solid concrete surrounding us. That's why I really don't know where to put him and it breaks my heart.

well if that's the case, i think its ok if its ok for you and your partner :) you could have a proper burial or you could transfer him naman after pag nagkaroon na ulet kayo ng savings. :)

Sorry to hear that. But may I ask what is the reason for the miscarriage?

Thank you so much for responding. ❤️