I want to start introducing more fresh fruits to my families diet. Where can I buy more "angmoh" fruits at reasonable prices - fresh cherries, blue berries etc

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Supermarkets in heartland areas usually sell those berries at a cheaper price compared to Cold Storage, NTUC Finest. Try supermarkets like Sheng Siong, Shop n Save or Prime. Alternatively, you can get berries at cheaper prices from those traditional fruit stalls in wet markets. There is one in Bukit Gombak -- my mom usually gets fruits from the stall there and it's relatively cheaper.

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I'd say the traditional markets may be your best bet, followed by the supermarkets like NTUC. I'd personally stay away from cheaper markets like Giant for fresh produce (it's more for household needs to me), but that's just me :)

For freshness, would be Cold Storage or Tanglin Market Place. If looking for seasonal angmoh fruits in bulk, can visit the cold rooms at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market :)

Have you considered purelyfresh? They have a good variety and their items are fresh. Best part you can get them to deliver it to you.

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U may can get it in gaint n FairPrice as well u will get organic n Normal fruits as well with an affordable price

quality of fruits in cols storage seems to be better but I prefer the variety at giant and fair price finest/xtra

I would suggest to go to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre where they sell very fresh fruits at reasonable price.

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NTUC Fairprice, Giant has a variety of fruits. Reasonable price too when I compared with wet market prices.

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Usually wet markets have nice and fresh fruits! Cheaper too, but sometimes ntuc finest have them cheaper

We usually shop at cold storage and don't be surprised they do carry some atas upper class fruits.