I am trying very hard to conceive but not successful. Any advice? Been relaxing, doing it every 2 days during ovulation..

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Relax,  don't stress. Husband & I tried very hard after 2 miscarriages.  Only later,  I realised I didn't get my ovulation date right.  Try to monitor your cervical mucus.  Women usually ovulate when your cervical mucus are white & wet.  For a 28days cycle,  I should ovulate on day 14-15, however my last ovulation happen on day 12-13 when I noticed I was 'wet'.  I tested using clearblue OPK & I saw a smiley face & my pregnancy was successful.  Don't trust app dates,  its not accurate as it doesn't understand our body.  Good luck!

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3y ago

Same. All my calculations and app dates don't seems to be accurate too

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Try po ninyo ni partner magtake ng POWER TRIO (fern d, fern activ at milkca) ng ifern. Base po kasi sa experience ko ilang years na po kami ni hubby nagtry pero bigo then may nagsuggest po sa amin nito at ilang months lang po positive na po. Ngayon 4 months na po si baby namin. Wala naman pong masama kung susubukan po ninyo.

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Hi, after intercourse... do not stand up or sit up. Go straight to sleep. I noticed that when I move a lot after intercourse, I did not get pregnant. I've then started to lie down and go to sleep straight every time after intercourse and be sexual active the 1 whole month.

Try taking a short holiday Don’t stress too much It’s also mental stress Then enjoy the journey of baby making Alternatively speak with a fertility clinic I went to raffles fertility at raffles hospital Look for shiela Loh

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Too much stress will make things worst. I would suggest you and your husband to go for a very romantic oversea trip to relax yourself which can help a lot!

Be patient and relax. It generally could take a few attempts. If after a few attempts No results consult a gynae. All the best!

I used flo app. Track my menses and cycle. I trying conceive using this app. But don't so stress with it. Take it easy!

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Have u try for very long. if still no success. go seek advise from dr

Did u see gynae for checkup or TCM for nourishment? It helps in some way.

3y ago

Nope in the west that I know of, except for somewhere in central but the queue can be quite long.

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Are u able to go on a cruise? Relaxing trip will be good