I am trying to conceive no 2 but to no avail after 2 years. I should see a gynae or a fertility doctor? Any advice? TIA.

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Try po ninyo ni partner magtake ng POWER TRIO (fern d, fern activ at milkca) ng ifern. Base po kasi sa experience ko ilang years na po kami ni hubby nagtry pero bigo then may nagsuggest po sa amin nito at ilang months lang po positive na po. Ngayon 4 months na po si baby namin. Wala naman pong masama kung susubukan po ninyo.

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1y ago

I’m taking n po for one month I’m hoping n mk help sa akin.🙏

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See ur gynae for a checkup to ensure everything is alright. It’s important to stay relaxed as well. Other than that, u can also seek tcm consultation for nourishment. :)

I think gynae can give some advice too, but I would prefer to engage the expert. There is a specialised group at NUH women clinic.

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I would suggest seeing a gynae first. See is there any issue with your uterus that is affecting you trying to conceive

5y ago

Really appreciate your advice. Thanks!

Depending on your health and husband's health, there are various options available, eg IUI and IVF

Generally after trying for this time better to consult a gynae for confirming next steps

Yes should I go to raffles hospital, fertility clinic See shiela Loh

You can see a gynae to see if anything’s wrong.

Please go see gynae and all the best! :)

See a Gynae, good luck with everything!