I saw on television program that there is parenting coach or expert that will monitor our interactions between our children and ourself to point out what could be the possible cause of "bad" behaviour in the child in Korea. Is there such coach in Singapore too? My husband and I are already running very thin in patience for our second child which we just couldn't stop her tantrums once she started it. She will be wrestling with us very strongly every time we tell her gently why she is not suppose to do something dangerous. Distraction does not work as she will look at the new thing for a while and go back to what she want to do previously. Your help is much appreciated!!

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There is no need for such things.. We as parents should be e ones who r best in understanding our children and no one understands them better than u do. Tackle e problem. It is not easy but continue to try tiz everyday. If we as parents, flare up at our kids for their tantrums, they will follow suit n continue doing so. It is very difficult to tackle their tantrums. Patience is still e key. Continue to talk to her nicely and always ACKNOWLEDGE her FEELING first. Eg: 'Mummy knows that you are feeling angry. Mummy will not talk to u until u hv cooled down.' There is no point arguing n reasoning with them They wont listen until they hv cooled down. Using distractions will not solve her tantrums problems.. U hv to deal wif it directly.

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I don't think there is such coach in singapore as of now. But you can control to try different method in controlling a child.And google the different method. Afterall parenting it's about trial and error. Different kids adapt differently to different parenting method.

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Racheal, parents go through this a lot. It's normal and part of parent hood. Consistency will help. They will then know what is expected of them and what to expect

Sometimes I feel the same as you i wish there was Supernanny. watch the series you could learn a thing or two there.