My mom's current maid is going off this June, but we want her to help us train the new maid for about a week before she go off as she has been with us for many years. The one issue is she uses her phone very often throughout the day, not after she finish her work. My mom has been very lenient with her about phone usage. She doesn't talk on the phone but message and stuff. So for the new maid, we only want to let her have her phone at night after she has finish all her work. But we don't know how to do it as the current maid and the new maid will be together for a week. She will surely see our current maid holding her phone the whole day. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks in advance!

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In MOP, Do not let them be together, best is don't even let them meet. had encountered my father's former maid feedback bad things to new maid. and worst even collaborated with new maid. After 6 mths, New Maid did horrible things & my ex maid suddenly said wanted to return to work with us but with a salary hike which is more than 20%.. we only discovered that later. she knows it left us no choice. need someone to take care of my stroke father. so I agreed with her demands found out they did communicate with each other on the phone. P. S both are indon fdws

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please don't get her to train the new maid. I ever did that before and regretted big time. They will communciate in their own lang. The new maid will pick up the old maid habits. Once the old maid leaves, the new maid will start to say "old maid also nvr do like this, so i follow lor"

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7y ago

well. if your mum trusts her that i guess no choice. I ever had such experience before it was horrible.


perhaps train ur incoming helper urself... i just heard of outgoing helper training incoming helper... the new helper left soon after old maid left

I wouldn’t trust to let the old maid train the new maid. Either get someone who can cook or u train her yourself.

No need to get her to train. you don't want her to and up teaching wrong things. Best to not let them need together.

6y ago

but my mum is very worried about the cooking part. As our current maid cooks and bakes very well but this new maid can't really cook. So she wants the current maid to teach the new maid cooking.