Mil likes to go against us

My mil likes to give my 4yo fruits at 8.30pm or later. Whenever she offers my child fruits after 8.30pm my husband would tell her not to, but the next day she tries doing it again. I do not know why she insist on doing it despite us telling her not to do it bcz its near my child’s sleeping time and we do not want my child eating fruits so late. When she offers my child fruits at 8.30pm and we say no then my child will be upset and she will say “They don’t allow you to eat”. Recently she even answered my husband “Will it be so serious till it will affect your child’s sleep if she eats fruits late?” She also likes to feed my child snacks at 5.30pm when my child just comes home from childcare, bcz she says my child is hungry. We told her not to do it bcz my child will not have appetite for dinner if she have snack so near dinner time. She insist on doing it and said as long as child is eating, but our point is we rather the child eats more for main meal than snack.

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The next time she does this, buy mala hotpot every night and make sure she eats with you till she learns how to listen. If she don’t, I’ll say haiz you don’t like me is it. If she mentioned it’s bad, ask her back will it be so serious that it will affect her sleep and health if she eats mala at night. Same thing for the 5:30pm snack, buy her food and make her eat before dinner time and make sure she eats normal portions during dinner time as well. Above has to be done by your hub if you don’t intend to offend ur mil 😅 But I always tell my mil off if she don’t listen despite me telling her no. (After I have my kid I couldn’t be bothered about her feelings over my child’s health and safety tbh. Before I got pregnant, everytime she do nonsense stuffs I’ll just keep quiet.)

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what about educate your child instead 🤔explain to them why can't and how to reject nicely like my 3years boy will reject whenever someone offering him 🍬🍫🍭 he will says these are for ant ant, I brush my teeth already, I'm ready for bed, I'm having my dinner soon etc if he unsure he will ask “mama, can I eat” is more acceptable if it's rejected by kids than you or your hubby

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