Child always says no .

My child is turing two and she says no to everything we asked her to do . Previously she will obey amd listen to instruction but now seems like she only want her way. She will become very upset , asking to carry and let her take random thing off the shelf if we do not comply . Somtimes we give in to her cus we are in a rush . Any other ideal way to cope ? I dont want screentime for my child as she will end up demanding And throwing tamtrum for more.

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Super Mum

My child is turning 2 years old soon. Same as yours.. saying no to things. for e.g. milk, sleep or when playtime is over. We will interest her with something else to get her attention. Ask again when she's attentive and listening. It works for us. Stick to the routine even if she says no otherwise it will get worse.

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