Just to rant: confinement nanny

I really can’t stand my confinement nanny. She always don’t listen to us and do things her way, keep saying that she has look after many babies before she know. And things that she say she keep changing her words. Few of the incidents such as: 1) baby had jaundice so FM feeding need to be every 2hrs instead of 3hrs. When we told her of feeding more frequently then reduce the intake she say Ok but always still feed the same amount. 2) she told us once jaundice drop can drag back to 3hrs, no problem. Now baby jaundice drop and doc already confirm can change the feeding time to 3hrs she now tell me very hard to change. 3) whenever baby cry she will say baby is hungry need drink FM but that’s not the case, when we carry her she stop crying. But nanny insist feeding her and proceed to prepare the milk. 4) she don’t like it when we are close to our baby, whenever we carry her she would ask to carry. 5) treat baby as alarm clock every night. We caught her a few times not waking up to feed baby, we have to go over to wake her up or baby cry will wake her up. If not she will never feed. 6) this morning baby cry so hard she just ignore, we realise baby pooping so we change the diaper when we are almost done then she come in the room and ask us go wash our hand, she will do (when we are already done, just need to carry baby back to cot). 7) whenever we tell her something, she will always show us black face. A lot of other stuff but I can’t list down everything. Sorry for the rant but I just don’t like it when she always change her words, and never listen. If she choose not to listen at least tell us the reason, etc instead of agreeing to it but do another behind our back.

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Please dear you better change your nanny. There was an incident once of a former actor and his stewardess wife who's confinement nanny did not listen to them and they just went with the flow, then the baby got admitted to hospital and had problems because of their nanny. Your nanny may have looked after multiple babies, but you are your child's mother. If she does not listen to you, she can find a job someplace else

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I changed my nanny. She was what you described exactly (don't let me go close to my baby etc). Have you also checked your wok and pans? My non stick pots and pans are all destroyed because of the stupid nanny.

Pls ask her to leave and just pay her for her days of work. True that she had take care alot babies but every babies are different! So she should not use her own comfortable way for every babies.

Ask her to leave and get a replacement if she is from an agency. Don't get upset and put up with her nonsense, she's here to help not to create more problems for you.

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she's strange. she should be taking good care of you & your baby... she isnt fulfilling the basic role of her job... hope u r able to get a better one 💕

If u are not comfortable Tell the confinement nanny to leave She’s there to help make things better not worse I told mine to leave after 5 days

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is she from agency? if yes, can complain and demand replacement.. if no, either find a replacement or get help from family

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If she is not doing her job, you can replace her

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Oh no.... she is not v responsible. Can change?

Please replace her