2 Weeks Old Baby

Im not sure if my baby have colic or just prefer to be carry to sleep. She have problem sleeping in the cot. Shes mostly asleep when we carry her. At times if we carry her, she may cry (after feed, change diapers, burp) not sure why. She will keep on trying to straigten her body and turn sideway (is this colic?) It. Could be she overtired but she doesnt even want to sleep even when we carry her. Plus, she doesnt like to be swaddle. Helppppp

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Newborns are sensitive to their environment. They like to be carried because the moving around and closeness resembles the time that they are still in the womb and the sound of your heartbeat. Yes, she could be over tired. Try to dim the lights, keep the room cool and switch on white noise. Maybe can use a sleep bag instead.

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