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Hi mommies. My LO just turned 1 year old recently and MIL kept insisting that baby can eat the same food as us (cut them up) and even tried to feed baby fried nuggets last night. Luckily we saw and stopped her. She kept wanting to add soy sauce into baby's porridge, etc. She also wants to feed ribena and sweet drinks like 100plus. We told her no as baby does not need so much sodium now and might result in her liking food with heavier taste which is not good for her health in the future. Then, she will turn to baby and say "可怜啦 什么都不可以吃", meaning "aiyo poor thing, everything also cant eat". How can I tell her so that she understands this? To her, she fed her child (my husband) like this when he is young and he grew up well. Of course, she does respect us and stop feeding such food when we said no. But i cant stand the fact that she will tell baby that she is so poor thing and her parents does not let her eat all the "delicious" food?! And also not sure what she will feed her when we are not around ?

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Totally understand your plight because my dad is the ridiculous one in such situations. Unfortunately till now, I’m so sick and tired of bringing my children over to visit because he’d just spoil everything. My dad stays in landed so he’ll just bring my children to upper floors (somewhere far from me) so he can feed them all junk food and watch tv. So stressful for me to constantly run around the house to watch over them and yes he also say the things like “ Aiyo not I don’t want give you, is your mummy say cannot” 😡😡😡😡 He’s absolutely stubborn and insists we were brought up like this. But hell no, it was my grandma who took care of us 😒 Anyway thank god for the circuit breaker...

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Oh dear. I know how you feel. Sometimes the elders in my family will say this kind of things too but I am taking care of my LO so they can’t feed her things secretly. You are right to make a stand to protect your LO. Feeding unhealthy and high caloric food now will lead to obesity and health issues in future. You have to ask your husband to step in and tell his mother to stop saying these negative words to your LO. She is just trying to make you feel bad. Typical behaviour of the older generation. I tend to ignore them. Encourage positive behaviour and words!

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Make her sign black n white. If anything happen to ur bb. She will be responsible. Feeding a one year old 100plus? She is trying to kill ur bb? U shld stand up for ur own baby n tell her off for real. Otherwise if she still continuing feeding toxic food to ur bb, who else can speak for the voiceless? U r the mother. U call the shots. Btw, if i were u, i wont let her see my bb anymore.

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When is your next check up or vaccination at the Polyclinic? I would suggest you seek the doctor’s help to explain to your MIL and they also have a weaning food guide stating what you can or cannot feed the LO which can be provided to you to bring home. Sometimes I feel that letting the older folks listen to a person of authority will help when the person refuses to listen to any of you.

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I really don’t unds why the elders are so eager to feed baby all kinds of food 😓 they have plenty of years to come in having good food all they want. My LO just turned 4mo and my mom is super excited to feed him solids. She want him to taste ba Zhang, durian and whatever I am eating she said let baby try to lick and taste. Omg 😓 lucky my dad is against it as well

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I feel you !!!! Typical behaviour of the older generation , just like my dad . He would feed my LO junk food behind my back . Im so lucky that my mom is also against it , because I purposely asked my mom to accompany me to the polyclinic for LO immunisation (before C.OVID) I asked the doctor regarding solid food for toddlers below 1 , strictly no salt and sugar ...

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Old ppl is like that. Stubborn and dont respect the parent. What i said to my mil was my baby came out from me your son came from you. I'm the mother so listen to me you want to feed, feed your son then.

yea, I always tell my parents that yes, we may be brought up this way and we survived but we have to improve, if there is a better way now, why don't we follow the better way

If its ur mil, it will be better if ur husband is the one who talk to her. Firmly say cant happen again or else you wont feel safe leaving baby with her.