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hi all, i really need advise here. went for my scan which doc at kkh counted as 6weeks 3days but turn out my scan only shows yolk size with a waterbag but there is yet to have heartbeat of my baby. i am so worried as doc ask me to come back for another scan in 2weeks time. Doc says my baby may be small or my ovalution is too early. what does that mean?

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I understand how anxious you felt. Their calculation of week in pregnancy is based on first day of last menses, with assumption that ovulation occurs 2 weeks after first day of menses. However, it doesn't apply to all cases. Some women would have ovulation later than 'the expected 2 weeks'. (i think the dr meant the baby is either too small to be seen or u ovulated later* and hence conceived later than expected) I went for my first scan at week 6 day 4. Only a water bag (not even yolk sac) was shown on both abdomen and transvaginal scan. Dr couldn't rule out the possibility that it could be a non viable pregnancy. Then i had some spotting with pain and went ED at week 7 day 1. Results still the same - nothing is seen except an empty water bag. Another episode of ED visit at week 7 day 3 with intensified pain and spotting at this visit, and the yolk sac finally showed up (but no sign of baby or heartbeat still). Since the multiple visits got me too anxious and worried, the dr recommended to repeat scan in 2 weeks time to allow more time for the baby to grow and finally i saw the baby (aka the magical bean) on the scan with heartbeat at week 8 day 5. However, the baby size is correlated to only week 6 day 4. So indeed i conceived later than expected! I hope my experience could help you through this long waiting period of 2 weeks. Do stay hopeful :)

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Hi, i was given my first scan at kkh too at week 7 of my pregnancy. They did both scans through ultrasound n the vaginal probe. The scan done via the vaginal probe could detect the baby heartbeat actually. Maybe u can suggest for that during your nxt visit, to give urself an assurance. Dont be too stress and tk good care

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Yes sometimes 6 weeks is a bit too soon to detect. Dun worry, its quite common. Just wait for the next checkup and do the ultrasound

Wait until at 8 weeks old for the ultrasound scan again

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Encountered the same thing only yolk and waterbag seen @6wks but the appointment after two weeks was fine , don’t be stressup !

Heyhey dont stress up... week 6 I remember the gynae didn’t let me heard any heartbeat also... Wait for 8 week will be good

Get another scan in a few weeks.

Hugs. It is difficult not to worry but all you can do is wait for the next scan. Quite normal to not be able to detect heartbeat at 6weeks. Wish you all the best!

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yes pretty much worries sick abt it. i am waiting for the next scan, hopefully by 8wks the heartbeat started to show. thank u..

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Don’t worry. 6weeks is too early

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Yes week 6 is too early to hear any heartbeat. We starting hearing from week 8 onwards.