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Eating A Handful Of Grapes
Hi, i had a handful of grapes yest during my pregnancy. It slips off my mind that grapes is best to avoid. Is it harmful to my baby? What should i do? Feeling so guilty and im 13 weeks. Please advise
Grape is fine
I ate grapes, just not too many at a time.
A little is fine. Just wash the grapes thoroughly before consumption.
I think no worries... a handful only
Eat a little of everytime and mixed with other fruits, don’t overeat because of sugar. Everything you can eat but don’t over eat and eat too much.
Colourless Fluid Discharge
Im 12 weeks now. Noticed recently been discharging alot of colourless fluid. Is it normal? Any one experiencing the same.
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Its said to be normal for pregnant women to have more discharge because its suppose to protect the virginal from infections. But u have to change it often to not let bacteria grow. But its overwhelmin
Pls consult your Gynae...
Recommended Female O&G
Hi, any one has good recommended female O&G. Currently in kkh with no fixed panel of O&G. Thank u.
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Dr Jill lee. But she doesn’t take patients beyond 12 weeks
Can Eat Achar?
Help. I just consume some small portion of achar. Is it ok?
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I ate too but in small amount is fine
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I guess should be ok in moderate as I also consumed abit.
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It’s ok to eat .. don’t worry
In moderation should be fine
Yeah it’s fine to eat.
Safe To Consume Peanut During Pregnancy?
Hi, is it safe to consume peanut during pregnancy especially in first trimester? Heard those old folks tale that it might cause allergy or eczema on Baby if consume during pregnancy. 🤔
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I still eat
Yes it’s safe. Peanut butter will help baby to put on weight.