Scan shows gestational sac no yolk sac at 6weeks

Hi Im 40 years old and was told im in the risky zone for pregnancy. Now pregnant ard 6 weeks or more. My last live pregnancy was 9 years ago. Went for tansviginal scan twice and only gestational sac seen with no yolk sac. Last scan shows 13mm empty gestational sac. Doc ask me to come back another 2 weeks to rescan. Doc said at my age,miscarraige chances are very high.Anybody been thru this? Im very worried.

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Have a positive mind ok. Normally at 6 wks it's still too early and tiny to be detected. That's why gynae only starts seeing you at the 8th week. That's when it can be seen and hear the heartbeat also. Come back again and see again. I've heard successful stories of pregnancies 40 yrs and above.

Hi, can you pls tell me how did it end for you my dear. I am facing the same thing now and same age.

How are the results? Good?