Father rapes own daughter :(

I just read the most terrible news. A father raped his own daughter, and her family refused to believe her. Her mum said that she was lying and making things up. This happened in Singapore, in Punggol. The court finally found the father guilty. If we don't trust our own children, will they ever trust us?

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Well, this girl is 14yo at that time. She was raised by her grandfather till she’s 10, had a rebellious nature, dated 18-19 times. Parents think she want to break free of parent control and hence wanted to “blame” the Dad. It’s a sad story and it shows how important a “functional” family is

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This is so sad to hear. :( Children needs our support to take care of their physical and emotional state. As an older family member we need to support them and hear them out.

Why would a child even lie about such a thing?! For a child to muster the courage to speak up, it already shows warning signs. I'm so sorry to hear this though.

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This is terrible! I wonder if mom should also be taken to court for being complicit, if she had indeed lied that the rape didn't happen

This is terrible news. But this shouldn’t reflect the kind of parents that your currently are.

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omg poor child. can the father be castrated and both parents to be jailed? 😤

Why will someone even consider that in the first place!

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Father is a monster and mom is n even crazier monster!!

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Really sad to read such news.

That's terrible news.