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Am i the only one who still struggle to put my little boy sleep even he going to be 5 month soon??? He dont want to sleep on my shoulder.. Even u hug him.. He will sleep if u give his pucifier or after he finish his milk.. Is it normal.. N he still cannot move one without his pucifier.. Really regret giving him pucifier.. Why so stressful?? How to enjoy every moment with him..?? Like what i see other mommy with their baby.. #iwantthebestforhim

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Assalammualaikum & hi dear mommy..don't be too stress out or your baby will feel it too .each baby are me,start struggling when he was 1mth old & had given pacifier too because of some prob that cannot be resolve rather than giving him pacifier.but like me,i just give him the pacifier after milk when he cannot sleep after feeding,because in a study show that pacifier is one of the tool & when they suck it,the happy hormon dopamin will produce & give the baby more calm.don't just simply give them pacifier when they want to play son automatically will let go off the pacifier once he's ok & calmly my son also don't want to sleep on my shoulder / my lap either.he is more comfortable sleeping & drinking milk lying on the mattres.just be more positive & look at the positive side of it as a task for u to be a better mother.i'm still learning too.i watched more talks on baby development to understanding more on our baby growth know,even when he is on the pacifier if you play more & interact more with your baby,he will let go of the pacifier.this the important stage to build more bonding with our me,when my baby not sleeping,i will not occupied with other things like our hp.i gave all my time playing & excercise & even encourage him in every new move that he can do in his age now .i know how u feel but make it as our journey in life to be a good parent.& most importantly never introduce hp to our baby from this age.i just let him watched baby tv & i never look /use my phone infront of him.because eventhough now our baby don't understand what we are doing daily but he is like a sponge that will absorb his surrounding & when he is old enough to do like we do ,than u will see the result wether it is negatively / positively.never quarrel / speak hash word to others infront of them.simply talking ,never show negative personality infront of our baby.hope this will give u some answer & lessen your stress.ok dear mom🥰🤲🏻

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Pengalaman saya first baby... Skang my honey bunny dah 5m...setiap bulan berubah cara tidur.. Saye masih ingat lagi... Bulan pertama oklah tidur kat tilam... Masuk bulan kedua.. Nak tidur atas bahu dulu baru letak kat tilam itupon kene slow aje... Bulan ketiga die nak dihayun pulak kat tangan barulah letak atas tilam... Disebabkan pinggang saye mule sakit sebab hayun die dekat tangan setiap kali tidur saye pon beli buaian... Nasib baik nak die tido dalam tu.. Skang dah masuk 5 bulan die nak tidur kat tilam pulak balik x nak dah buaian... X lah stress pon.. Ikutkan jer rutin bayi tu... Kite happy mesti baby pon happy.. Cause the connection is strong right.. Dari mule saya dah cube untuk bagi baby pacifier die memang x nak.. Susu botol die nak untuk gigit jer hisap x nak. Cume jadi mainan die.... Hahaha.. Jangan stress2 lah mommy2 sekalian... This is great experience though..

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betul.anak saya pun dah 5 bulan, tukar tukar gaya tidur. dulu nak ngempeng,lepas tu nak buai,nak dodoi gune tangan pulak, nak tidur bertepuk pulak, nak tidur dalam baby cot pulak, nak tidur bedung pulak. 😂 kadang kadang stress, tapi saya selalu ingatkan diri, ibu yang bekerja lagi stress, cari duit lagi, jaga anak lagi. saya selalu fikir, ada orang lagi stress dari saya. dan biler stress, saya tidur je. Alhamdulillah, family saya faham biler saya bangun lambat, sebab saya memang susah nak tidur malam biler baby asyik ngempeng.

Me too.. Every time she want to sleep, she will cry and whine. She won't sleep on my shoulder either😂.. Swing will work sometimes but not all the time. She still want me to lay her on bed, wrap her, give her bottle milk, rub her head and pat on her thigh, then she will sleep.. Yeah she need this everytime she want to sleep and it was soo tiring🤕. I try not to give her pacifier, and she's soon 5months.. It's hard but will worth it..

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Raising a child is the hardest thing to's normal to struggle.i'm a fulltime mom.i hav a 12yo.and 1 1/2 yo.i never have time for myself.let alone with my 1st child stop using pacifier until she's 3.then she stop bcause the pacifier tore apart.i don't buy a new one so she just stop using it.everyday is a challenge when u have a baby.wait till he start eating..the struggle is real when suddenly he doesn't want to eat.

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tolong la ibu ibu yang lain, jangan tanye kenape stress ye. setiap orang, lain penerimaan stress dye. ada yang cepat stress, ada yang jenis relax, .jangan samakan ibu ini dengan diri anda ye. kalau takde benda lain nak cakap, tak perlu reply. kalau awak tak stress, tak perlu persoal ibu ibu lain kenape stress, tak mampu nak bagi penyelesaian, tak perlu reply.

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Hi mommy hope u doing well.. dont worry pacifier is one of the tools that can provide calm feeling to your baby.. try finding pacifier with orthodontic safety to prevent dental baby is also 5 month old and he really depend on pacifier for him to sleep..once he in deep sleep i pick off the pacifier from his mouth… Be happy mommy everything will be fine❤️❤️❤️❤️

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hi mommy. pls DONT COMPARE WITH OTHERS. sbb tu u stress. and jgn dgr ckp org. u ikut cara u. anak ni lain². tak boleh nak samakan. kalau u betul² stress, boleh minta husband take over. sometimes anak ni berubah perangai ikut bulan. just enjoy every moment calmy. nanti bila dah besar mesti u akan rindu.

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Cuba try pasang hairdryer (white noise) sewaktu menyusu atau selepas dia menyusu. Baby sy bila dah kenyang pasang hairdyer auto tutup mata lena. Bila lama2 dh nampak deep sleep boleh la tutup bacakan doa tidur. Hehe saje jela share

Yes it is so distressing. My baby rejects pacifier, bottle. The only way he will sleep is only by breastfeeding. He depends solely on me to sleep and honestly it's tiring

10mo ago

samaaaa.. org siap kata sy lambat ajar anak puting..hehehe...mmg ank berkepit je la nak susu..

anak Saya dari baru lahir smpi skg xnak pki pacifier.. 5month.da beli sepasang pun xpki.. mom,just thinking positive side..ur Bby is growing..other mommy have their on struggle.believe me.😆