I need to rant it out.... My husband and my family members is not getting along very well.. my family members is very straightforward type and they tend to hurt my husband feeling. Especially my elder sister and her boyfriend, my husband just can't stand them and my husband have been avoiding them but still sometimes after a family meeting ~ Eg. Maybe my sister like to talk sarcastic towards my husband and say he is fat and she will laugh it off. I know she is kidding but my husband don't feel that way. He feel hurtful and will tend hold back all the feeling only to express it to me. My sister boyfriend will go directly to my husband and compared everything about him. My husband told me he is a the edge already. He feel like talking back to him and let them taste their own words how hurtful it can be. I myself can't stand his sister too. As she tend to indirectly saying alot of thing in front of my husband and she will act like very good which I feel so fake la. But I always trying to be fake back to her. The problem is my husband is staying with my family. And he will have to tolerate alot of stuff. We been quarrel alot of time over family issues. He just ask me what if I am the one staying at his house and have to tolerate. He say he just don't want me to keep siding my own family everytime when he vent his feeling out. And I hate it everytime we quarrel he will shout and want to leave the house. I am in my third trimester now and we still quarrel like that. I am tired. I can't ask my husband to tolerate if it was me in his position I sure cannot handle but I can't ask my family members to change their way of talking. I am so stuck here. Sorry for the long post.

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Firstly, I would think, for your husband to stay with your family is very nice of him. For whatever reasons, be it financial or what, my husband would never agree to stay with my family because he sees it as a pride thing. So, give him some appreciation for it :-) 2nd, how close are you and your sister? Are you the type of sisters where you can tell each other off? Try next time when she "attacks" your hubby again, just tell her to stop it - "it's not funny at all". Or you can try, "So what, I like can liao..." but that might have an adverse effect. I know how it feels to be called fat all the time. I get that from my own mother and it's very frustrating. Luckily my hubby also make it up being extra sweet to me. So in the same way, you are your husband's support. When he's on the edge or feeling lousy, maybe you can go out with him for a coffee or dessert. Take a walk together, let him vent it out. Guys unlike girls, after they vent it out, they feel better. They are not as emo as us. As for your sister boyfriend, sorry, but he sounds like some show-off jerk to me. Maybe because he sees that your sister can talk like that to your hubby, he also can. Tell him off directly too. That's the "privilege" of preggies - we can throw temper or say nasty things and blame it on our hormones LOL. Tell him there's nothing to compare about, everybody is different. Or else, be sarcastic back. (I can be very mean too). But more important thing is, you and hubby stick together. Worse case, just lock yourselves in the room and watch Running Man :-)

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