Bad constipation and bloatedness

I m sufferring with bad constipation and bloated stomach (1st trimester). My stools are very hard and hardly poop, like 2 to 3 time per week. Any best remedies? I drink plenty of water with some juices as well, but still my stool very hard.

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Make sure you blend your juice with pulps.. Otherwise just eat the fruits (2 servings daily), can take wholegrain like oats also.. Some light exercise will help to move your bowel too.. Sometimes I will do squat (not that really deep squat), or other simple home workouts which are suitable for pregnancy. But once you constipate for 2 to 3 days and above, you will need lactulose already..

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Drink fruit juice without ice, eat more fruits like apples kiwis or high fibre ones. Take less carbo n more protein. My doctor gave me medicine for gg toilet but I refuses to take n choose to go thru fruits n food. It works for me. I take a lot of apples n kiwis strawberries blueberries during 1st trim.

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Try chia seeds in moderation, its high in fiber. I have the same problem as you and it helps! Theres also a medicine you can get from your gynae doctor to help with constipation.

For me, I'll drink my fruit plus vegie juice everyday and water. And yes! It helps! Plus of course, if it's too bad you can ask for lactulose from doctor..

I swear by prunes if I can't get 2 servings of fruit that day. 1 prune enough to work for 2 days. if eat too much, opposite problem with occur.

Eat more veggies like spinach, kai lan etc. Your stools will get worse in the months to come (constipation N bloatedness) so better solve it asap

I drink hot milk everynight before going to bed. It solved my bowel problem as I can poop every morning. It works for me.

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Drink honey or eat some prune/prune juice. You may also get stool softener from your gynae

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Because you are at first trimester, better to consult gynae for any medication.

Eat banana daily and prunes.. it helps for me! Drink plenty of water too