Hi,My daughter poop very hard .how can i do?(22m)

My daughter eats very little, drinks a lot of milk.and poops every 3/4 days,The stomach will feel uncomfortable all day (poop hard ,very long and thick). She don't like to drink water just drink very little.how can i do?

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Super Mum

If your child is straining while making a bowel movement, this may be a sign of constipation. Constipated babies often produce very hard, clay-like stools. Hard stools can be difficult to pass, so they may push or strain more than usual to pass the waste. They may also be fussy and cry when having a bowel movement. Some solid foods can cause constipation, but others can also improve it. If you recently started feeding your baby solid foods, try adding a few high-fiber foods, such as: broccoli pears prunes peaches skinless apples Instead of refined cereal or puffed rice, offer cooked grains, such as barley, oats, or quinoa. Whole-grain breads, crackers, and bran cereals also add a lot of bulk to stool, which may help clear the constipation. Movement speeds up digestion, which can help move things through the body more quickly. If your child isn’t walking yet, leg bicycles may be helpful. Gentle stomach and lower-abdomen massages may stimulate the bowels to pass a bowel movement. Do several massages throughout the day, until your child has a bowel movement. You can also try giving ur baby https://shopee.sg/product/215845413/4222218590?smtt=0.244843059-1644118451.9

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