When does baby start to have preference ? My 11 weeks baby is a friendly baby that will smile and laugh with anyone. And sometimes it is as if she ignored me when i tried to make her smile...although its good that she seems to be sociable but i am just being a lil bit selfish that i want her to want only her mommy (i wonder sometimes if she knows i m her mommy as i dont breastfeed her ..) TIA

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My LO is 6 mths tml.. he can seemed to recognise me as he will stretch out his hands to let me hug him.. sometimes he cries when grandpa carry him, he stopped crying whenever I carried him.. mine is a friendly baby too.. mil taking care of him, was afraid that he only want grandma but luckily not the case.. however, I do latch him at night...

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I was like you too! My boy was a friendly baby also. Since new born to about 18months, anyone on the road can carry him. Now, he stick to me like Velcro. Super Super tired. Mommy will always be Mommy don't worry too much. Even u scold or scream at her, she will still come back to you. Just spend more time with her

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Real communication from the baby’s perspective probably doesn’t begin until they’re about 3 or 4 months old. At around that time they start to initiate social contact with their mothers. Only between about 3 and 7 months of age do babies start to show a strong preference for members of their own family.

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When my baby girl was about 6 -8 mths, her preference for mommy kicked in substantially. Very tiring for my wife as she want mommy to carry her exclusively. However, daddy and grandparents can use toys and colourful items to distract her and carry her away from mommy, to let mommy rest.

Don't worry Mummy, you have carried her in your stomach for the 40 weeks and she will know. Your bonding with her will never be forgotten. Baby having preference is very individual. Spend as much time with her whenever you have the time. Bonding helps alot.

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No1 i don't latch, but baby is very close to me. All you need is bonding with LO. Keep playing and always be with ur LO, naturally ur LO will be very close to you. Fighting!

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