Any mummy experience tis ??? (My cutie loves 2 go out the moment she sees me preparing her pram she gets excitied n I wear the BABY CARRIER tat"s it she will hold my leg & wants me to carry her .. she dun like to sit in pram & after me getting tired I WILL HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING HER TO SIT IN HER PRAM SHE WILL BE CRYING N HOLDING ON TO MY SHIRT when I m outside all around me will be watching me somtimes I will jst keep carrying her till I get bck hm phewwwww DUNO TO TRAIN HER ???? (ANY PERONAL SUGGESTIONS MUMMIES ????)

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Super Mum

Put toys in the pram or hang around the pram. This encourage baby to sit in pram

Super Mum

If you have musical toy, put it on the pram to entice baby to sit

2y ago

Tried already mummy but still FAIL ;****