TTC DPO13 pregnancy test negative

I know.. Im suppose to wait until DPO14 but Im so anxious. My period is still yet to come and Im so curious if this month able to be pregnant when DPO13 pregnancy test come out negative. Can someone give me advice or motivation word?

TTC DPO13 pregnancy test negative
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Its okay .jangan putus asa sis. Sampai masa nnti ada rezeki sis. Saya pon every month rasa xsabar nak cek even belum due period. Saya this month cek DPO16 naik very very faint line. After that memang tiap hari nak cek ,then naik double line terang. Ada orang belum delay period da naik double ,ada yg lambat sikit. So just dont give up tau !! Dont stress okayyy.

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I started to get very2 faint positive line on my hcg test on DPO 9. Then its getting darker by 14DPO. Dont worry. Keep testing. Some women get their faint line after 14DPO.

It's okay dear, never give up. U can try check on Next day till get the results. InsyaAllah sy doakan semoga ada rezeki for you and husband dalam bulan ramadhan ni😘😘


Move on and try it again, again and again. Dont give up ok. I had same experience like this. I thought it was a change of menstrual cycle after marriage.