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hi, im trying to conceive. i've buy ovulation and pregnancy test, and i try to test the ovulation, but it came out negative, but i've tested it on my fertile days. hows this is happen? any tips?

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try to look for signs like an increase cervical mucus few days after your period end. the mucus should be stretchy not like those you had before and it looks like egg white. then you test and see. if still negative try to consult doc on how you can detect your ovulation day.

3y ago

Xpe bile sign mcm cervical mucus tu ade try cek opk, apps die depand pd kkte key in the data, not as accurate actually klu irregular, sign of ovulation slh stunye adalah cervical mucus die mmg betol2 clear, bukan putih susu ke ape, die transparent betol, stretchy and bawah kite akan basah even xde stimulant, try pay attention to it then try test opk even apps x ckp tgh ovulation

If possible, please go to obgene doctor and check your amh level. I had that results for 3 consecutive months. When a doctor suggest to check my amh level, my prolactine. Amh level was low, prolactine was high, which made me hard to concieve.

Hye. Fyi, apps we used not same with our body condition, that's why it is suggested to record daily with opk for like a month. Then u detect on what day is your ovulation day. It may take only 2 days 😎

4y ago

If your menstrual cycle is regular then 1 month record is ok. Then try to conceive. But for me, my period cycle was not regular so i took 2-3 months to detect the actual day. Whatever it is, don't give up ok 🤗

I would sugest you to head up to any ob or gyne if u r hvng difficulties in detecting ur ovulation.. As our app nt realy accurate..

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How long is your cycle? If your cycle is longer then your fertile day is 15 days before next period

4y ago

Try to do it more frequently and chart it in the app.

test again