Period after Miscarriage

when will your period came back after miscarriage? im already 30 days after miscarriage. arent my period suppose to come back already? i bleed for two weeks during the miscarriage. can i consider that other week is my period? i ovulate(tested positive) but have yet to get my period. help! i just cant wait to TTC back.

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Tulis jawapan

Im having my period after 35 days. Just wait for ur period then conceived again ya. ❤️ But if u think u are in good health, just go😍 good luck

5y ago

My period came back at 31 or 32 days. now im 5 weeks pregnant. thanks for your advice. pray for me. hopefully this pregnancy goes well. 😁

28 days after misscariage. Depends on your body. I drank Chinese medicine right after my misscarriages. Then 28 days after, my next preiod came.

4y ago

Pearl Wu Bai feng wan.

there is still a chance u could conceive without having any period.

5y ago

that is good to hear. thanks.

I had my first period after miscarriage at 40days

Im having period after 45 days.