I have been married 17 years and am at my wit's end! My Husband is driving me insane. I can't even tolerate being in the same room as him! Being from the Indian community, I'm well aware that a divorce will bring about gossip. We have two boys and he's always showered me with extravagant gifts to appease me. His flaws are that he's really possessive and I've finally reached my breaking point. Controlling and honestly always felt a part of me being repressed. I know that my boys and I will be in a happier place without him. Any mummies who have been through a divorce? Any advice appreciated.

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1. How can your boys & you will be in a happier place? Please don't assume for your children. 2. If you wish to divorce, is your decision only! In fact if none of the parties are violent, divorce is mostly a selfish reason and not for your kids. 3. Given that is 17 years marriage, maybe you should ask what you wanna get out of the divorce? 4. Possessiveness means he love and treasure you. I think most woman envy you here. 5. Please seek counselling, I suspect both parties need to adjust their mind set and meet someowhere in the middle. 6. If you found someone else, then that is a different story. 7. Remember entering a marriage, one is expected to lose some freedom.

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May I know what exactly he does to annoy you to the point of no tolerance? Has he been disrespectful, mean or unfaithful? Could it just be a case of being together for too long, being around each other all the time -- familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps you need a 3rd party to mediate and listen to both sides. A counselor would be good but if are not comfortable, asking a neutral family member or friend can help too. Alternatively, you can sit down and figure out when it started to be intolerable to be around your husband. Your husband seems to still care and love you so maybe you need to re examine your side of the equation.

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Have you tried speaking to him? Is there any chance a marriage counselling may help? Sometimes, having a third party will greatly help a couple work through issues. It sounds like he is still making some effort at making things work. Being too possessive and controlling are behaviours that could be worked on. Do give counselling some thought and if you are open to it, see if he is alright. Give it a try before ending things permanently. http://scc.sg/eng/index.php/counselling-services/ Take care!

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8y ago

Yes he is making attempts. Will try your link. Thanks

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