Feeling lonely

Being a sahm is very lonely. Most of my friends are married but they have their career.. meanwhile some are married but busy with their own family.. husbands spending quality time with them. But mine is always busy.. we rarely go out. Even when we do, it's always because he made plans with his family. But we never really go out just us.. me, him and our baby. I am really sad and depressed and lonely. Talking to him is basically just pointless as we will end up having a fight. Sometimes i feel like filing for a divorce. But i dont want to end up regretting as i still love him. I honestly just dont know what to do. I feel so worthless.

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I'm sorry but your husband pissed me off. How can he fight instead of listening and understand your feelings? So unfair. Try again hun, talk to him. I love my husband but used to always ask for divorce because i talked to him and still the same, always busy, and when he's not, he's just doing his own thing at home on laptop instead of spending time with me; he's way better now. And once in a while i remind him that when baby is here, we must spend time together as family and also as husband & wife only. Try again ok❤❤❤

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Try having some hobbies and go for classes