Does anyone else hate being a parent?

Does anyone else find parenting overwhelming? My kid has just been diagnosed with ADHD and boy does parenting him drain the daylight out of me. He's constantly shouting instead of speaking at a normal level, he's always trying to climb me or digging his knees and elbows into me. He smacks his head into me, yanks on my clothes; recently he's started making these loud shrieking noises, even though he is perfectly capable of communicating properly. He's always moving and making noise, interrupting my conversations with my husband and honestly just overwhelming me on a daily basis. At best I dislike being around him. At worst I hate having him near me. Even when he leaves me alone I can never rest or relax because I know he's going to come at me again, it's just a question of when. He goes to school, he’s happy there. Also behaves similarly in school. I dread the hours of him coming home as it means the nightmare starts again and I have NO energy for him. He's 4 years old. This should not be this difficult. And that's not even mentioning the horrible, crippling feelings of guilt and shame I feel as a mother. Because I know none of this is his fault and I should be handling it better, and hopefully will do once I get on medication. I just needed to vent. I don't have any friends I can say all this to and I'm tired of watching other parents having a good time with their normal children and feeling jealous and ashamed that my family isn't like that.

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Hi mommy I’m sure it’s not easy coz I’m myself is a preschool teacher with few chn with various needs and we get tired of managing over 15 chn. What I can advise you is to seek medical help for ur child if u hv not. Early intervention is very critical and it really helps children with needs. These chn doesn’t want to behave that way but it’s their instinct so they need to be taught the correct way at the intervention ctr. Using cane doesn’t work on these children unlike normal chn so I do not recommend that. U can get referrals from polyclinic to hv check up at KKH. Take care ❤️

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Sending hugs your way. It’s not easy being a parent and more so of a special needs child. Hang in there. The preschool years can be brutal but it gets easier

maybe can try a cane? it may work if soft approach dosent work