Miscarriage 10 weeks

I had a miscarriage on 4/4/19 which is my 10 weeks pregnancy. Do i still have a chance to pregnant again? ? share ur story if u have same situation with me.

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I baru misscarriaged for 2nd time on 23th feb 2019, last 2 weeks i felt discomfort, backache and predicting my first period after misscarriaged. So last week, i decided to check on UPT. OMG! positive! I'm pregnant again. Alhamdulillah...hopefully this will be a successful pregnancy. Pray for me..😇 So don't worry. InshaAllah you still have a chance. Cuma lambat or cepat je.

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i miscarriage on august 2018 on my 9 weeks. then in december 2018, i found out upt was positive. now in 19 weeks. sorry for your loss. take time to heal yourself. dont be stressful on your loss. God knows what the best. enjoy your marriage life. take care dear..

i miscarried around 6weeks in july 2018. i got pregnant again in august after my period.now im around 35weeks. so yes,its possible u can get pregnant again. condolence on ur miscarriage. stay strong yah.

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I miscarriage masa 26th october 2018 then i tak datang period langsung terus i pregnant balik. Sekarang i dah 23 minggu, dont worry okay dear. ♥️ sorry untuk kehilangan awak

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Tula dear. Doc you cakap macamtu eh? I doc yang check i that time maybe sebab banyak patient so dia tak sempat bagitahu i. I takde tips apa apa pn, that time i berurut 3 hari berturut-turut, sengkak n tungku. Then i consume jamu akak tu jual. That time cuma sedih sangat la lagi sedih that time i selalu mengadu dekat husband i, i sakit pinggang then dia selalu cakap, ada isi tu. I marah gila la. Yela tak expect pregnant. Insyallah ada rezeki untuk u, i doakan 🤲

I've miscarried around week 15, around january 2018, but I'm pregnant again after a month. Now my baby is 5 months old. Dont worry you still have chances to pregnant again 😊

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Yes, just gap about 1 month. I did my confinement for about 2 weeks.

mine 1st baby octopic pregnancy..i know on 6 weeks and need to do surgery laparoscopic..after 4 month im pregnant again and now im 32 weeks..alhamdulillah..

in shaa Allah ada rezeki nanti... i miscarrige bln 6 thun lpas masa kndgan 15weeks... alhamdulillah rezeki tahun ni... 7weeks...

i misscarriage on 9 feb 2019 13week, and now still waiting to get pregnant again😍 Stay strong sis try and try 👏🏻

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Lupa nak cakap, i gugur masa i 9 weeks , tapi size dia 7 weeks dia tak membesar plus takde heartbeat. Kosong je