Pregnant right after a miscarriage

I had a complete miscarriage on 26th Oct 2018 and didn’t have my period after that about a month and half. I did upt test at home and it was positive. A week after, I went to kk for ultrasound and it shows my little bean with a heartbeat about 7 weeks 4 days. So now i’m at 9 weeks and having a heavy morning sickness. All i can do is lying on the bed. Is there anyone who has the same situation with me? Pregnant right after a miscarriage? Without having one or two months period Because i’m scared and still trauma

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i had a miscarriage in july. my bleeding after miscarriage was 1 week and the cause was unknown to this day as they asume did an abortion😒 and because im not married yet. i got my period in august and also got pregnant again in august as i had sex after my period. i found out 2 weeks after my period as i got sick just like my first pregnancy and was too traumatized to even take meds. now im 21 weeks with a healthy baby. i too had morning sickness where i can even eat at times. the good news is 2nd trimester will be awesome as the morning sickness will wear off but u do need to deal with heartburn by then😂. (sacrifices a mother have to go through)

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5y ago

Glad to hear that.. take a good care mummy!!

my friend do have the same situation as yours. and Alhamdulillah she is about to deliver her baby soon.. just keep calm n take due care of both of u. try to eat even it is hard atm.. goodluck dear..

5y ago

Tq so much mommies.. aamin. 🤲🤲hehe

sory sis.. bole tanya.. brapa bulan sis miscarriage?

5y ago

Masa tu sepatutnya saya dah 9 minggu.. tapi bila turun spotting brown and terus ke emergency hospital, doc kat emergency scan kantung usia 7 minggu.. jadi tak sama dengan usianya