Sleepy during work

Hi all I am going to 12 weeks pregnant now. I feel very sleepy during working hour, is there anyway to cure it?

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I take water breaks every hour (toilet, refill my hot water), stand and stretch. If I’m really sleepy, I’ll work at my desk standing for about 10 minutes just to get the blood moving.

Its quite normal, happened to me too. I take a short nap during my lunch time. Perhaps u can try sour candies if u feel sleepy during ur working hours too.

I take naps during my break time or if your boss is understanding enough, just let them know you need a little recharge :)

I would usually go downstairs to take a breather for short 5mins and a toilet break before going back to work.

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I did feel super sleepy during my 1st trimester. But now entering 2nd trimester is getting better.

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You can take HL from your gynae to rest for a few days. This will help to recharge your body.

Im 7 weeks and feel v sleepy too! I will usually snack around..

Try to drink more water and some coffee.

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try taking snacks or nap during lunch


Go to toilet and have a quick nap