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Is it normal to feel tired and sleepy during 3rd trimester ? I am currently at 33 weeks. What can I do or eat to feel energetic?

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I feel you mummy. Im now 33 weeks and a full time working mum, and it just adds on to my lethargy. I suppose like what other mummies have shared, ensure a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water! 😊

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I guess its normal mum. Its getting easier to feel sleepy during day and tired at noon. I tried to do yoga or exercise in the morning, sometimes it helps to feel energetic and fresh during a day.

same! 😁 my wife always have her 2hr nap from 2pm till 4pm and also Nestlé MOM pronatal formula as part of her breakfast regime. work wonders for her and the baby inside is very healthy

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Yes, it’s normal. Try to get more rest. Drink more water to keep yourself hydrated and eat more nutritious and healthy food such as nuts and fruits and keep your iron levels up.

yes normal.. just rest more b4 baby comes. u cud go for walks at the park or shopping centre to feel better and eat foods such as dates, honey and choc (works for me :p)

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It's normal. I'm at week 35 ✌🏻and I've been feeling so tired too. Just rest and consume healthy food. Your body is preparing for labor soon ☺️

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Same! I can’t sleep well at night cause I get constantly hungry and baby is also very active. I sleep better in the day 😅

Is normal to feel sleepy, rest as much as you can if not after birth you won't have time too

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same here! just hit 33 weeks today but I've been feeling so sleepy since 31 weeks!

same here. most times i cant do a simple chore at home. i feel tired all the time.