Feeling sleepy at work 😴

How do you keep yourself awake at work when you feel sleepy all the time during first trimester? #firstbaby #pregnancy #1stimemom #advicepls

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Super Mum

Same issue here, for my last pregnancy I was so desperate last time that I went to the toilet and took short naps there lol 😅. Now luckily I can still wfh so I just take 30 min nap when I cannot take it. It's really tough but it will be over soon! Hang in there

Omg! I thought I’m the only one! Since I WFH now, I’ll steal 30 min naps sometimes. But can’t do it all the time also bleargh. Oh and when it’s night time for bed, I can’t sleep. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh my . . I've been sleeping day to night , night to day with no appetite to eat at all and didn't even get up to do house work . I didn't go to work until I was terminated . Whatever . . As long as I get my beauty sleep .

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9mo ago

that's very irresponsible. to get terminated shows you actually went MIA. don't know why are u so proud of it and especially being a mother. shocking.

I listen to the radio/podcast while working and take a nap after lunch.. sometimes a 5-10min nap during teabreak too if I was really sleepy. Keeping yourself busy with work helps too.

I tried to walk more to grab water, snacks etc. There are times I really can’t take it and had a quick nap, but I was wfh~

1y ago

nomore wfh :( but i think that helps! thanks 🤭🤭

I just keep eating and drinking water and also eat dessert to keep me awake at work

I cry and try to stand up or drnk some water, it's torture shme.

Eat snacks which has sugar like fruit! Will boost a little

1y ago

lucky me. prepared some grapes 🍇. thank you!

I drink more water to keep my eyes open 😁

i drink chicken essence to keep me more awake 😊

5mo ago

Can we drink this in first trimester? The brands chicken essence