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Working mummies! May I know if you will feel sleepy at work and tired after work? I do feel very sleepy despite sleeping at 1030 to 6am. After work got so tired that I can't think properly or almost fell down from stairs or trip over

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I deal with the same issue as well most of the times. I usually tend to watch something, that will keep me awake like a thrilling sitcom. Listen to pumping music or the best solution I have to do tiring work in the morning, like working out, yoga or just fast walking to office.

yes it is...once i came back fm work...i straight look for my bed m pillow....on d aircon ad well d ceiling fan...just relax deeply till i fall asleep...ya really need good rest if can get your hubby pamper you cus that what mummies want..

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Try taking multivitamins to give you a boost. I usually sleep at least 8 hours every night, but I also feel tired in the middle of the day. So I would take a quick power nap. Maybe you should try that? Get a power nap during your break.

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Could it be more then just sleepy? Could you be anemic? You can't possibly be so sleepy to not think properly or almost fell down. Your sleeping hours are pretty sufficient. have you seek a doctor advice?

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have you tried taking any supplements for vitamins? Then maybe some ginseng to boost energy? It's pretty tiring and scary for you to suddenly almost fall down due to bring sleepy


Do you get uninterrupted sleep? I would actually advise you to talk to a doctor and possibly do a full blood count. There are some nutritional deficiencies that cause drowsiness.

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I feel the same too! And now when I stop drinking coffee and tea it is harder to stay awake. So I try to drink more water and get up to go to the washroom more often.

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Hi... you might wanna consume some of the food suggested in this article

Dear mum, It is normal to experience this. I suggest try having good sleep duration regularly and it should gradually improve :)

that's normal. ever since i bought a platinum quilt and pillow, I am feeling more energetic despite 4 or 5 hours of sleep every day.

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Would love to know toi

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Sometimes, depending on the food that I consume. Some food give me more energy and some make me feel more lethargic