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can i drink bubble tea with pearl? 2nd tri now

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If you don’t have gestational diabetes, then once in a while should be fine. Remember that tea also contains caffeine, so don’t drink other caffeinated drinks that day if you’re drinking the bubble tea:)

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Try to avoid if possible. Even with 0% sugar the pearl is sweet and bad enough to shoot any person's blood sugar up. And it's not good to have high blood sugar during pregnancy

Yes, I had it during my 2nd tri as well but try to limit yourself like 2 weeks one cup or if u can 1 month 1 cup..

Yes should be fine but please have it in moderation and do keep a check of your sugar intake

I drank it when i was pregnant but I requested less sugar than my usual i always order

Yes but maybe keep to twice a week ? Cos later on there will be glucose test

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If no GD, can drink, just in moderation as there is a lot of sugar.

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Yes, I did but I controlled myself cos I'm worried about GD!!

Can la .. anything in moderation . Try to limit yourself .

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A little bit can, cos you need to watch your sugar intake.