bubble tea?

Hi mummies, can I drink bubble tea during first trimester?

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Do you drink tea? I would say if can try to abstain in 1st trimester or at least don't drink so much. I used to drink KOI oolong tea at least 2 or 3x a week before i was pregnant 😅 but don't dare drink in 1st trimester. Esp green tea which is more "cooling" Oh ya.and if can, go for less sugar :)

Yes I did! I started to crave for it badly few days before I found out I was preggy and that was the drink that I would never wanna drink before. I had it Everyday for about 3 weeks before I stopped. Now I’m at 30 weeks no GD. Heng ah! But i still believes in moderation!

Yes, why not? But be moderate. I had like 2-3 times a week. Always take 25% of sugar or at time no sugar at all if its Caramel flavor.

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Can but limit its intake as it contains caffeine which is not so good for pregnancy and try to minimize cold drinks during pregnancy too.


I don't dare to drink during 1st trimester, only started to drink again at last trimester b4 giving birth cause i was craving for it.


This is a sugary drink so not recommended to be drank often but indulge yourself from time to time but reduce the sugar level

Can but not too often. I am 24weeks preggie & I think I drink only 3 times. Have to cut on down on sugar & cold drinks :)

Yes, but not too much cos of the caffeine and to control sugar level to reduce weight gain and risk of getting GD.

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I try to avoid unhealthy stuff but if really crave for it, you can drink in moderation.

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First pregnancy no. Second pregnancy I did. But don’t drink too frequently.