No bubble tea throughout pregnancy?

Can we drink bubble tea.. like black sugar milk tea with pearl.. at week 6 only..

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Firstly tea contains caffeine, which preggers should avoid at its best. Secondly, bubble tea contains very high contents of sugar, which might cause gestational diabetes. Thirdly, bubble tea contains artificial flavours and ingredients like the bubbles, these are especially harmful to our body, be it normal ppl or preggers. For the sake of baby, try to be a responsible mother :)

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I drink but didn't dare take any tea during my 1st and 2nd trimester... Only take now during my 3rd tri. My gynae did say in moderation is fine, no more than 1 cup per day due to caffeine. However, still early for u, maybe try to curb it first? Or just take the fresh milk with pearls?

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Yes. I drank milk tea a few times during my pregnancy and before delivery. Haha. I always get either 0 or 20% sugar level. Personal preference I don’t like too sweet.

Avoid bubble tea especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy. If you really craving maybe you can try the warm one but need to moderate your intake :)

I drink it a lot! I just have the cravings all the time. Always 0% sugar! Seriously don’t let anybody boss you around. But of course, everything in moderation.

It’s okay to drink after you take glucose test called OGTT . If doctor never diagnose you GD then you can start drinking sugar drink.

I did drink when I crave for it but not too frequently (I usually don't finish the whole cup) as it will be very sweet.

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Drink moderate ah haha! Perhaps like once a month. As too much sugar intake, might lead to type 2 diabetes.

I drink it at 25% sugar 😊 I had it once or twice a week when I hit T2. For T1 I’m more control 🤣


This is a sugary drink which is not good taken regularly or often but you can indulge once in a while