Can i drink bubble tea?

Can i drink bubble tea (in moderation, of course)? Or should i avoid it altogether?

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I avoided cos of sugar content and I wasn’t sure of the powder or tea that they used. But I did take one or two sips during second and third tri when my hubby bought, so tempting haha

It depends on how well your body can digest the boba as the boba can cause gas for some while it may cause some to feel nauseated due to bloating. So, everything in moderation.

Personally I try to avoid cold drinks, empty calories, sugar and caffeine during pregnancy, so I haven't drank any more than a few sips.

I only drank a slip or 2 of fruit tea once a month when hubby buy them. couldn't stand those with tea content, as I'll have headache.

yeah my gynae advised to drink when I want to increase my weight of baby. but make sure you've no gestational diabetes

I drink moderately, preferably without sugar and with pearls


yes you can if in moderation

moderation 😊

Super Mum

i did 😊